One Duck

By | February 14, 2019




Please form a circle for a rhythm and team work warm up.


This is a rhythm exercise with changing parameters. Failure is imminent. One player calls out one duck. The next player calls out two legs. All players go “quack quack.” The next player calls out two ducks. The next player calls out four legs. The entire circle goes quack quack quack quack. The quacks for the entire circle equal the total number of legs. Got it? This continues until the math gets too hard. Initially it is recommended that the players work in sequence so that eventually it sounds like “8 ducks”, “16 legs”, followed by 16 quacks.

The group usually fails when there are too many quacks to count on 10 digits. It is also possible for a player to faulter when multiplying by two. The leader will remind the players that failing with grace and laughter is one of the essential parts of improv. The reality is that most failures will be group failures.


  • One centipede, 100 legs, scurry scurry scurry…
  • One snake, no legs, hisss.
  • speed up the rhythm


  • One pirate, one leg, “arrrgh”
  • One beetle, six legs, “scuttle scuttle scuttle scuttle scuttle scuttle”
  • One spider, eight legs, “scitter scitter scitter scitter scitter scitter scitter scitter”


One datum of info, one thank you, thanks!