One To Ten

By | February 14, 2019


Energy 1 to 10. Emotional Scales


Please start milling about the room in a neutral state.


The leader calls out some endowment for the entire group. It could be an occupation, an animal type, but most commonly it is an emotion. The players embrace this endowment changing how they mill around the room. The leader should choose general emotions like angry, or sad.

A scale is assigned to the emotional endowment. So happy 1 would be a bit happy. No longer neutral. A low key happy that may show slightly on the face, or in the gait. Happy 5 would be obviously happy, a bit louder, a much more buoyant gait. Happy 10 would be over the top loud raucous joy. The leader will call out different emotions and different levels. What is a plumber at level 10? Each group will explore that differently.

The leader should take the opportunity to discuss what elements players felt were present at different emotional levels.


  • Leader assigns crazy levels like 42 or -5.
  • Leader chooses esoteric complex emotions like: lust, apathy, or confusion.


  • None.


Any info 1 to info 10 would be appreciated.