By | February 16, 2019

Deprecated because of unnecessary and outdated language: pimping, and slut shaming.


Question, pimp and wimp


This exercise will help us in defining characters and generating interpersonal relationships. Form a single file line with two players down stage on either side of the line.


The two players down stage wait for the first player from the line to join them. The player from the line approaches the player on their left. In one sentence the player defines a relationship between the two of them. “Carol would you marry me?” would suffice. This clearly defines the relationship between a suitor and her spouse to be. The player then responds with a one sentence conflict, finds a reason to leave the room, and confer with another character. That character just happens to be down the corridor in the next room. The player might say, “I am happy to marry you I must first confer with my mother.” She promptly leaves the room, travels down the corridor and to the player on the right of the line. Gives the news, and then the player there responds in the character that she was endowed as. For instance, “finally getting married you little schlaghunte. Good riddance.” The player on the right goes to the back of the line, and the process is repeated with a whole new set of characters and a new situation. All the players should rotate through each of the parts in the exercise.


Each player must remain as the character that they were endowed as for the entire exercise.




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