Group Stop

By | August 2, 2010


Statues, f-stop


This is listening warm-up. Everyone start milling about the room.


The players quietly mill about the room. A designated player will unexpectedly freeze on the spot. The goal is for the rest of players to seamlessly freeze in position as well. Eventually the group will simply freeze together as one unit. When working it is lovely to watch.

After the designated player has stopped the group a few times the warm up moves to the next level. The warm up is mad more challenging by allowing any player can initiate the group stop. With time the players will subtlety work together choosing when to stop as a group.

The leader should keep an eye out and encourage the group to use subtext to group stop in sync. While it is human nature for a group to develop signals for when to stop the most will be learned from Group Stop by using subtext.

Group Stop definitely is a listening warm up. At first it is listening with the eyes, freezing when you see others freeze. At it’s highest level the ensemble will be listening with its heart and brain, knowing when to stop as one.


  • Endow the players with strange gaits to impair listening
  • Endow the players with loud vocalizations that impair listening


  • Players make eye contact and greet each other
  • Moving By Numbers – certain number of players move, rest still.