Fuzzy Bunny

By | February 10, 2019


Fuzzy Ducky.


Let’s get in a circle for a warm up that focuses on failure of numeracy.


Fuzzy Bunny starts out as a simple circle counting exercise. The players count upwards from 1. However this counting is complicated by the asking the players to replace any usage of the number 3 with the word fuzzy. This means the number 3, 6, 9, 12 and 13 would be replaced with the word fuzzy. The warm up would sound like this. 1-2-fuzzy-4-5-fuzzy-7 and so on. When, not if, an error is made the circle offers support, laughs and restarts at 1.

Once the players are developing a measure of success the next level of complication is thrown into the mix. Any usage of the number 7 is replaced with the word Bunny. This means that the numbers 7,14, 17, and 21 would be replaced by the word bunny. The warm up should now sound something like this: 1-2-fuzzy-4-5-fuzzy-bunny-8-fuzzy-10-11-fuzzy-fuzzy-bunny.

To ensure that this warm up practises failing with grace and laughter the next complication is added. Whenever a number is both fuzzy (has a 3 in it) AND bunny (has a 7 in it) the player must say fuzzy bunny all at once. So numbers like 21, 37 would be replaced with fuzzy bunny. No Learn Improv is not going to calculate any other fuzzy bunnies.

Learn to fail with grace and laughter. Support is exemplified from the group by picking right up at 1 with a smile.


  • Fuzzy Ducky eventually results in a hilarious spoonerism


  • Use words other than Fuzzy Bunny to keep it fresh.
  • Use prime numbers other than 3 and 7.
  • Count down from 100 instead of up from 1.


Picked this up from Improv Encyclopedia and taught to love it by Scott.