Fruit Basket

By | February 15, 2019

Deprecated due to risks outweighing benefits.




Let’s make a circle of chairs facing inwards with a volunteer standing in the middle.


The player in the middle of the circle will rotate around and suddenly call out an attribute common to them. For example, the player may call out: Blonde hair, blue shirts, wearing boots, etc. All the players that have the attribute must hop up out of their chairs and move across the circle to find a new chair to sit in. The volunteer in the middle may take the opportunity to grab a seat and become part of the sitting circle. The leader must always encourage players to walk. Running and racing around and flying into chairs is too dangerous. This continues until the group becomes fatigued or a chair gets broken.

If the player in the middle calls fruit basket everyone in a chair must get up and find a new chair.

It is a struggle to find a use for this warm up, and it has been in and out of the deprecation pile a few times. Fruit Basket is a fun inverted version of musical chairs. It could be dangerous because players can become competitive and get hurt if they start to run. It also is dangerous if a thoughtless player calls out attributes that are triggering for players.


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