Cat and Mouse

By | February 15, 2019




Can everyone get into pairs and spread out about the room.


The leader selects on pair to be split into a cat and a mouse. The cat wants to be with the mouse, but the mouse does not want to be with the cat. This will lead to a room full of slowly moving pairs and a cat chasing a mouse around the room. Eventually the mouse will be caught and the cat and mouse join back in as a pair.  The mouse still does not want to be with the cat. The mouse may reach out and join any pair that is milling around the circle.

When the mouse hooks arms with another player the mouse is free from the clutches of the cat. The cat is now alone and becomes a mouse. The third person, i.e., the extra person in the mouse pair bond becomes the cat. The new cat now starts to chase the new mouse (formerly a cat). This leads to a continuous cat and mouse chase.

The warm up is about having fun, getting moving, following instruction and offering support.


  • None


  • Any prey and predator.


Could you chase something down please?