Life Game

By | February 15, 2019


Body Guard.


Start milling about the room for this complicated game of life.


This warm up can involve physical contact and whimsical references to reproduction and contraception. If a player does not wish to participate, they must feel safe and supported to NOT participate. A player should never have to explain why they have chosen to not participate.

While the players are milling around the room the players will secretly decide if they are an egg or a sperm. Even though the players don’t advertise this it will become obvious as eggs will move at a normal walking pace and sperm can walk briskly. The player then must choose to one other player in the room to be a barrier. The player then must choose another player to be a gamete other than their own.  An egg would choose a barrier and a sperm. A sperm would choose a barrier and an egg. In the initial version of this game the egg will move to keep the barrier between themselves and the sperm. The sperm would move towards the egg and avoid the barrier. However, life is more complicated than this.

The egg may choose to avoid the barrier and move towards the sperm. The sperm may choose to avoid the egg and try to keep the barrier between itself and the egg. Since no one will have any idea what anyone else is thinking the room should be full of a chaos of movement.

If a sperm catches up with an egg, they will give their perceived egg a hug and both the players are out of the warm up. This works the same if an egg catches a sperm. The resulting sperm players will join hands and just float joyfully amongst the chaos. It does not matter if two sperms join up or two eggs join up they will cease to avoid or chase. Yes players can clump together in groups as there are still other players who perceive them as either a sperm or an egg.

This warm up is a mad house. The goals for this warm up include the usual ice breaker qualities as well as listening to the room, acceptance by not making it a competition, and just being silly.


  • None.


  • Body Guard.


Please implant your knowledge upon us.