By | February 14, 2019


Circle of Eights.


This is a physical warm up. Please find a spot in the room where you won’t contact another player.


This is simple warm up that each player can try within their physical ability. If you prefer to use a chair or lay on the floor that is fine.

Players start out by simply rotating their right big toe in a figure of eight motion. Next the players start to move their entire right foot in a figure of eight motion. The room should have players standing on their left foot and rotation their right foot in gentle figure eights. Then the players rotate their entire right leg in a figure of eight. Move through the rest of the body: hips, head shoulders, thumbs, arms elbows. The leader can call on players to choose body parts to rotate. The warm up continues until the players feel limber.

There is no correct way to rotate one’s body part. Players will be laying down, holding walls, chairs, or leaning on each other. The goal of this warm up is to get one in sync with their body and familiarize the players with moving in unnatural ways in a public space. The leader could introduce discussion topics while figure of eighting: favourite improv goals, character ideas, good things that happened, etc.


  • Rotating internal organs.


  • Pieces of Eight – when standing on one leg the players make pirate “arrrgh” noises.


Information appreciated.