Ball Pass

By | February 16, 2019




Please form a circle facing inwards.


A player is given a ball by the leader. The type of ball is determined by the player. They may go with a standard sports ball or create some other ball shaped object. The ball should have the following attributes: size, weight, and form. The players do their best accepting the ball being passed to the left. The players must work together to make the mime object ball seem real. When receiving the ball, they must match it’s shape, it’s weight, it’s size and any other attributes endowed to the mime object. Time is taken and attention to detail is paid. The leader may need to encourage players to make the ball as real as possible. The leader can start to transform the ball as it moves around the circle. Making it heavier, smaller, smellier, or endow it with sadness or joy.

It is fair game to add an additional ball in to circle.


  • Add another ball going in the opposite direction.


  • Clay – mouldable blob passed from player to player


If you are on the ball please pass it along.