Rather Not

By | February 16, 2019

Deprecated for being too damaging to accepting.




This warm-up focuses on blocking offers and getting silly. Start milling about the room.


Someone will loudly suggest an activity for all the group to mime. Everyone simultaneously yells ‘yes lets’, and starts the do the activity. Once the activity has been mimed for a while new mime activity is yelled out and the group responds with ‘yes lets’ and starts the activity. For example, if someone calls out let’s all dig holes. The group responds with “yes let’s dig holes”, and every manner of hole digging mime will begin (complete with sound effects). The someone will suggest a new activity and the cycle continues.

Yes Let’s is an obvious support warm up. It also helps folks develop rapid mime skills for mime activities that they may not otherwise think of.


Someone yells out ‘let’s finish this exercise’, or ‘let’s all sit down.’


Hunting the Whatsit.