Animal Characters

By | August 2, 2010


Animalistics. Zoo. Animal Endowments.


Each performer in this scene will take on the traits of an animal. They will not become the animal, but behave like a human with those animal traits.


Animal Characters is both a handle and an exercise. This structure is an overlay for open scenes. Here we are discussing the performance version of Animal Characters.

The host will ask for an endowment for each of the performers in the scene. The animal offers should be handled such that there is a variety of animals, insects, fish etc.

Once the performers are assigned their animal endowment they can launch into an open scene. All elements of narrative are expected in this open scene. The scene is played out like any other open scene, but with character embellishments as assigned.

The animal endowments represent subtle changes to the characters that are in the scene. For example, a performer endowed as a cat may occasionally insert a meow between words, may toy with her meal before eating it, or luxuriously lick her forearms. Subtle changes allow for better narratives and accidental comedy.


  • Endow a performer as a cross species cat-dog.
  • Endow a performer as a plant type.


  • Fantasy Creatures – unicorns, orcs, elves.
  • Automobile Types – truck, economy, electric.
  • Kitchen Appliances – blender, spatula, microwave.
  • Competitive – Assign the endowments in secret and have the audience guess at end of scene.