Alphabet Game

By | August 2, 2010


Alphabet Soup. A-B-C. Pre-School Game.


In this game the performers must start every sentence with a new letter from the alphabet. For example, Alphabetical order is required. But I don’t know the alphabet.


This handle is as straight forward as it’s introduction. The handle can be worked with any number of performers. The audience benefits from a bit of emphasis on the letter starting the sentence. Most of the time the scene ends in 26 sentences. While this is not necessary it makes for another fun challenge in the handle.

One need not start the alphabet at A. Using an audience member’s name to get the starting letter is common. For example, audience member Jane indicates the first sentence starts with the letter J and the last sentence starts with the letter I. X, Y, Z, and Q are fun letters that give the audience great joy.


  • onomatopoeia – Dingle-dingle for D.
  • backwards alphabet – Z to A.
  • add numbers 0 to 9 after Z.


  • Aphabet Cookies – letters in random order. Cookies optional.
  • Competitive – Players can be eliminated for messing up the alphabet.


The Letter C.