Arms Expert

By | August 2, 2010


Arms. Prosthesis. Bionic Expert.


In this scene one performer will supply the body and mind for a character and another performer will supply the arms.


One performer stands front and center with their hands clasped together behind their back. Another improviser passes their arms through the armpits of the first player. The performer supplying the arms makes a nominal effort to hide behind the performer supplying the body. The audience should see a performer with unmatched arms sticking forward out of their body.

In the handle Arms Expert the conglomerate performer player is usually interviewed by the host or another performer. The body performer answers questions and tries to justify the actions of her arms. It is pure rat-gaggery. The handle can be layered with all kinds of complications like having the conglomerate performer drink some water, or shave with a spoon.

While this historically has been a handle structured around an interview there is no reason to have two conglomerate performers interacting with non-compliant arms.

Arms Expert is a piece of really fun heavily used piece of schtick. However Arms Expert should still be part of an interesting narrative. While gag scenes creates short term laughs a narrative scene creates long term memories.

When setting up an Arms Expert scene the host should make sure that the performers know each other well enough for such close contact. If audience members are being incorporated the host must take the time to set clear boundaries about touching and safety. Extend the safe and supportive environment from the workshop to the show.


  • Inexplicable wild arm movements.
  • Asking the expert to do a push up or chin up.


  • Legs Expert – A performer supplies the legs for the body player.
  • Double Arms – Two performers supply left and right arms of the body player.