Alliteration Prop

By | February 13, 2019




Let’s form a circle for a word game warm up.


The leader introduces a prop into the circle. It is recommended that the prop be both safe to toss and indestructible. Most commonly used is a tennis ball. The player holding the prop is assigned a letter from the alphabet. The player passes the prop to her left and immediately starts to say as many words that start with the assigned letter. For example if the player was assigned the letter P she it would sound something like: pebble, poppy, pulse, pregnant, purple. While she is listing off these words the prop is being passed around the circle. When the prop reaches her she is done. The prop is handed to another player who is assigned a new letter and the process starts over.

Learn Improv is not big on competitive warm ups, however this is one that usually becomes competitive. Players may pass the prop  around the circle really fast and keep track of how many words the player comes up with. The leader can use this as a teaching opportunity for discussing the goal of support. Passing the prop slowly is supportive. Passing the prop quickly can also be supportive if the player is completely stuck. Players will often be self critical during this warm up. The leader can remind everyone that musch of improv is about failing with grace and laughter.

Reconsider this warm up if there are players with linguistic challenges in the group.


  • Assign brutal letters like X and Z


  • Categories can be done the same way.


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