Alliteration Occupation

By | February 13, 2019




Please form a circle with one player in the center. This is a spontaneity warm up about having fun with words.


The player in the center will control the warm up by suddenly pointing to a player in the circle and assigning them a letter. That player must quickly put together a very specific sentence. The sentence must contain a name, an occupation, and a location. For example, if the player were assigned B their sentence could be Barney bakes bread in Baltimore. Once the player is done the center player calls on another player with another letter. Letters can be repeated. The player in the circle is periodically switched out by the leader every few letters.

This can be challenging for many players. Especially players that like to be funny or get things “right” The teaching opportunity here is the remind the players that improv comedy is about failing with grace and laughter. You will only be measured by your effort and commitment not your stand up funny skill. If a player is being overwhelmed by this warm up switching to gibberish can be helpful.


  • Using letters like X, Z or Q.
  • Hit the same player repeatedly.
  • Repeatedly use the same letter over and over.


  • Some houses will replace location with a non-geographical location.
  • Play in pairs going back and forth with the alphabet.


Input welcome.