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This scene will involve location directions from your host as the scenes progress.


Meanwhile is an exercise, handle and long form. The long form of the structure is discussed here.

Meanwhile is simply a mechanism to change scenes. Meanwhile is called in the form of the classic comedy gag, “MEANWHILE, back at the fort grandma is beating off the attackers”. The meanwhile is added when a scene has ended, or starts to slow down. The meanwhile is usually a lighting cue to dim the lights while the players change location. The lighting cue is not a blackout, a blackout would indicate the end of the long form itself. The meanwhile can be used to introduce new characters, “meanwhile Jackie’s date waits patiently near the briar pits”, introduce a new location, “meanwhile back at the rocking chair factory.” The meanwhiles must be properly spaced and eventually must bring the story back to its origin.


Calling a meanwhile that described the exact scene, location and characters that is presently on-stage.


Get a bunch of meanwhiles written down by the audience and interject them as needed.