By | August 2, 2010


Lots and lots.


This warm-up gets our brains acting without thinking. Please create a circle.


In this warm-up one of the players throws both arms to their left or right and says ‘whoosh’. That player turns to the next player in the circle, and uses both arms to to pass on a ‘whoosh’. Thus the ‘whoosh’ whooshes around the circle in one direction. It sounds like a continuous whoosh-whoosh-whoosh with players pointing in the direction of the “whoosh.”

Once whoosh is well established then next level of the warm up is introduced. Instead of continuing the whoosh around the circle a player may change the direction of the whoosh. This is indicated by the receiving player saying ‘wow’ and crossing their arms. When met with a wow the whoosh changes direction. The warm up now sounds like whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-wow-whoosh (opposite direction)-whoosh-whoosh. Whooshes sound the same in both directions.

Once bidirectional whooshing has been established the next level of the warm up is introduced. At any time a player can call out “whap” instead of whoosh or wow. Whap allows the player to throw the focus across the circle. The Whap is accompanied with an overly dramatic pointing action. The player that was whapped may whoosh in either direction.

One whooshing, wowing and whapping are established it is time to introduce the next level – groovalicious. When the player calls out Groovalicious all the players lean into the circle and make their grooviest hand and upper body actions. Anyone can pick up the whoosh once these gesticulations are completed.

But wait there is more! The next level of Whoosh to introduce is Drama Lama. When a player calls out Drama Lama all the players chaotically and histrionically run around screaming and change position in the circle.
Anyone can pick up the whoosh once the choas is completed.

Whoosh is fun and requires listening, and focus efforts. Failure is expected, supported and laughed with.


  • Don’t stop adding ridiculous new actions until failure is inevitable, supported and laughed with.
  • change the words from whoosh, wow and whap to other random words. makes it new every time.


  • Simulclap
  • Zip Zap Zoop
  • Cross Circle