Try That on For Size

By | April 15, 2019




Please organize into a circle.  


This is a warm up that tests the players ability to come up with justifications for a mime action. The leader will endow a player with a simple mime action like “brushing teeth.” This warm up is like high jumping it will always end in failure. As with most warm ups the goal is to fail with grace and laughter.

The first player will mime brushing their teeth. They then turn to the next player in the circle and make a bold statement saying that they are doing something other than brushing their teeth while continuing the same mime action. For example, “I am putting on lipstick, try that on for size.” The next player continues the same mime action turns to the next player in the circle and says “I am polishing my braces.” This continues until the mime action is exhausted.


  • Start players with wild and large action or small unrecognizable action.


  • Can be done in lines, pairs etc.
  • Altering the mime object each time so that players can explore new mime actions.


  • Found on youtube