Three Rules

By | March 21, 2019


Limitations. No P.


In this open scene the performers will have rules chosen by the audience.


The host will set this scene up by getting three limitations that are an overlay for the open scene. For example, the performers all may have to keep their left hand in a fist, the performers may also have to all say “yessss” if anyone asks a question, and finally the players may have to do a little jig while anyone talks about fish. This can get ridiculous quickly. The host must make sure that the limitations are not impossible or offensive.

The performers should make their best effort to continue a narrative in the open scene. While it is a good idea to jump to the challenge of the limitation. For example, having the above scene take place at a fish and chips restaurant. However the performers should avoid only playing with the limitations.


  • None.


  • Competitive – If a performer forgets a limitation the audience can buzz them out to be replaced by another player.


Picked this up off the Improv Encyclopedia.