Let’s Not

By | March 21, 2019

Deprecated due to multiple issues that are counter to learning goals of improv.


Rather Not.


Let’s start a scene to engrain bad habits .


Excellent game to train narrative skills, but a bit controversial. Play in pairs: start with a location (e.g. a beach). One player give the suggestions (e.g. let’s find a talking crab). The other player either accepts the offer, and both play accordingly, or refuses the offer. When an offer is refused the first player needs to make a better offer. This is a bit controversial in the sense that players may object to refusing offers; after all, we teach players to accept offers. Explain that the goal of this exercise is twofold:  teach players to drop their own ideas and happily change course in their story teach players which offers are ’fun’ and which ones are not. The player accepting or refusing the offers should accept any offer that ’feels good’ or that advances the story, and only reject offers that don’t sound like fun or don’t seem to offer any potential for an interesting story.


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Copied this verbatim off the Improv Encyclopedia.