Superhero Helper

By | May 8, 2019




A hapless mundane has problem and has to call her nearest affordable superhero for help. More supers will be needed.


Superhero Helpers is an endowment handle. Performers are endowed by other performers as the are called in to help with the mundane problem. The first performer will be the civilian with a very mundane problem.  They will urgently call a moderately effective super to come help. This super tries and fails to solve the problem. This necessitates calling in another superhero. The superheroes continue to fail at solving the poor civilian’s problem until they all decide to work together and solve it. This scene has a very constructed narrative. The main challenge is justifying the failure of the super character and then realistically justifying the combined success. For example.

  • Civilian “My cereal bowl is spilling Frickaflakes all over. I have better call the affordable and available superhero Sinus Sally.”
  • Sinus Sally “These Frickaflakes give me a runny nose. I had better get some help from The Dehydrator.”
  • Dehydrator “Your bowl is completely dry already. I had better call Mucus Man.”
  • Mucus Man “Darnitall my mucus is too sticky and your bowl is stuck to your head”
  • “Let’s stick the Frickaflakes into the bowl with Mucus Man’s mucus. Sinus Sally can avoid the Frickaflakes, and snort up the excess mucus. The Dehydrator can dry the mucus just right so the you can have a bowl of Frickaflakes”
  • All rejoice


  • endow superheroes that only speak in mime, or must maintain physically challenging positions


  • Superhero Eulogy – same schtick but at a funeral for a super colleague.


  • Information appreciated.