Leslie’s Bakery

By | May 8, 2019


Tony’s Bakery. Wearhouse. Bakery at the End of the Universe.


Leslie is the best baker in the universe. In fact, Leslie will fulfill any order at all.


Leslie’s Bakery is an exercise where the Baker must fulfill the wishes of what ever is asked of them. Initially players will come into the bakery and ask for baked goods. Those baked goods may get more extravagant, but Leslie will always come through. The requests will move beyond baked goods and become more and more demanding. For example, a phone with a forever battery, an extra leg to improve my soccer game, a generational spaceship. Whoever the baker is they must come up with plausible suggestions for implausible requests.


  • None.


  • Rotating Baker – Last player to make a request becomes Leslie to fulfil the next request.
  • Competitive – the audience decides if the baker has justified the fulfillment well enough.