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Find a comfortable spot and location in the room.


Relaxation exercises are well shown to improve performance in all kinds of situations. This includes meditation, breathing, getting in the moment, muscular relaxation. Almost all warm ups get players laughing an energized. It is up to the leader to guess what kind of warm up is best.

There is no science here, but it seems that relaxation warm ups are better for shows, and energizing warm ups better for workshops. Your mileage may vary.

Four Square Breathing

This warm up is used to get the player into the moment and learn a tool to keep performance anxiety from winning out. Advise players that breathing is more important than the warm up. If they experience dizziness or any sense of distress simply return to normal breathing. When learning it is best to work as a group in a circle.

Everyone breathes in for a 4 count, holds their breath for a 4 count (full lungs), gently exhales for a 4 count, and then holds their breath for a 4 count (empty lungs). The cycle is continued.

Players can use Four Square Breathing anywhere and many players return to say they have used in their mundane lives.

Contract and Relax

This warm up can be done standing or lying down. Have the players contract and relax muscle groups focusing on how the muscles feel when relaxed. This gets players in touch with their muscle groups and gives a tool to combat muscular tension.

For example, tightly squeeze your calf muscles and hold that for 4 to 5 seconds. Then relax the muscle group. Pay attention to how a muscle group feels relaxed. Repeat with buttocks, fists, shoulders, both legs, face, etc.

Thoughtful Meditation

Have the players place themselves in a comfortable and quiet imaginary place, like a glen or a beach. Gently challenge them to inspect that space with their imagination. How does the light reflect? What does the wind feel like on the skin? The sun? Etc. This relaxation is the most common one to lose the players attention.


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