Group Sort

By | February 11, 2019


Group Order. Line Up.


Everyone please form a line all facing the same direction.


Once everyone is lined up the leader will challenge the players to quickly and safely line up in an order based on a characteristic. The easiest one is to the group line up by height. This should be done silently and with commitment. It is better for the group to be incorrect and decisive.

The ordering can become more complicated: hair colour, shoe size, hat size or most frugal. If the leader knows the group well more personal characteristics may be challenged. Line up by order of most children, number of car accidents, bravery, or length of intestines. The warm up can be complicated further by cross indexing: number of X chromosomes and typing speed.

In the end it does not matter what the sort is. What matters is committing as a group and failing with grace and laughter.

Just don’t do weight. There are so many other characteristics to work with.


  • None


  • Do the sort with eyes closed. Spotters recommended.


Picked this up from Improv Encyclopedia and sanitized.