By | August 2, 2010




This warm-up helps to build trust in the group members. Everyone get into a large circle.


The players in the circle are spotters. Ideally there will be more than four spotters. Remember safety first. Before starting fully explain this warm up to the players. Make it clear that they will feel vulnerable with their eyes closed and they will be unexpectedly touched without explicit consent. The leader must ensure that players feel safe to not participate. No player needs to explain why they choose not to participate in Redirection (or anything else for that matter).

A player is chosen to get into the middle of the circle and close their eyes. The player then slowly walks in any direction. The spotters in the circle gently redirect the walker as she comes to the edge of the circle. The spotters in the circle need to remain silent so as not to alert the walker when she is about to be turned.

The leader must take time to explain how the walkers are going to be redirected. The walker is redirected by the player in the circle placing one or two fingers on the shoulders of the walker and gently redirecting her back towards the center.

This warm up can be taken to a more advanced level by having the walker make noises distracting her from sensing the spotter circle.


Have the circle move around the player so that she cannot learn its dimensions.