Options-Shopping List

By | April 27, 2019


Roller Coaster.


At random times during this scene we will inject fresh offers that must be immediately incorporated.


There are two distinct versions of the handle Shopping List. The first is simply another name for Roller Coaster where the host reads the offers from a “shopping list” created by the audience. The second is where the performers are actually shopping for a list of zany items. The Roller Coaster version is discussed here.

Roller Coaster is a handle where the performers are kept nimble by having to incorporate offers from the audience throughout the scene. The goal of the performers is to continue the narrative arc of the scene. Most offers will be helpful to the narrative, others will be zany and destructive.

The performers start out creating an open scene that includes a narrative arc and lovely characters. The host will inject new ideas into the scene at seemingly random times. This is the main difference from other option type handles, the host controls the offers that are inserted.

The options for a Roller Coaster scene are usually set up by the host at the beginning of the scene and the offers are based on a particular theme. For example a genre roller coaster would get offers of genres from the audience: science fiction, western, soap opera. An Emotional Roller Coaster would collect emotional offers: sad, more sad, depressed, crying.


  • Rapidly cycle through the offers.


  • Shopping List – Host reads through offers from a shopping list.
  • Genre Shopping List – genres from film or streaming or literature.
  • Emotional Shopping List – varying emotions flavour the scene.
  • Textile Shopping List – the scene milieu reflects textiles like leather, nylon, etc.


  • None