Options-Retail Therapy

By | April 27, 2019


Roller Coaster. Shopping List. Amazon.


The performers must work through a shopping list of offers during this scene.


There are two distinct versions of the handle Shopping List. One is where performer are lead through the shopping list like a roller coaster. The other version is where the performers are actually shopping for a list of zany items. The latter version is what is discussed here.

The performers are given a list of zany items that they must incorporate into their scene. The majority of the items will be things that they must shop for. Other offers may be incorporated into the scene along the lines of Options. The performers should endeavour to maintain a narrative arc and use the offers to explore their characters. The setting need not be a retail store, and the performers may find themselves shopping online, at a bazaar, or searching a dragon’s lair.


  • None.


  • Shopping List – Host reads through offers from a shopping list.
  • Retail Therapy – Performers have list of items to purchase.
  • Quest – List of items the performers must find in a quest.
  • Ingredients – List of items needed for a potion, dinner, or spell.


  • None