More or Less

By | January 26, 2019




Each player will get a suggestion and the audience will decide if they want more of that scene or less of that scene.


A player gets an offer from the audience and immediately starts a scene from that offer. Others players may join in as would be the case is any open scene. At some point the host can end the scene. This could be at a logical sorting out of what was being explored or at a plateau in the narrative. The audience is polled as to whether they want more or less of what they saw.

If the audience wants more, another open scene will be created based on elements from the last scene. The host then repeats the interruption and polls the audience for more or less. If more is desired another scene is immediately started and so on. The difference between a long form and the short form version of this structure is number of mores that the audience wants.

If the audience wants less, a player not involved in the previous scene comes on stage and gets a new offer form the audience and starts a scene. The previous scene has been deleted from the set or show.

Clearly not listening to the audience and advancing a “less” scene.




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