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Please start a scene and be ready to change course rapidly.


Meanwhile is an exercise, a handle and a long form. This is the exercise version of the structure.

At anytime during the scene the leader can call out “Meanwhile!” With this cue the players freeze their scene and one of the audience players gives an offer creating an entirely new setting and exploration. For example, “meanwhile at the city limit Jim is chasing a cow.” The players would immediately jump to the new setting (outskirts of town) and a new exploration (chasing a cow). Jim may or may not be a new character, but there is definitely a new tie between Jim and this cow. Once the new scene with the Jim and the cow has been explored another meanwhile could be called out. This could send the players back to the previous environment (the one before the cow), or another one entirely different.

Meanwhile is a narrative exercise for the audience players. The players doing the scene must demonstrate listening, accepting and committing. However the real test is with the audience players to see if they are willing to carry out a narrative or simply endow the players with zany unconnected things to do. Meanwhile offer a good opportunity to explore your favourite narrative tool {Learn Improv uses STEPS) as well as good offer hygiene (LACE).


  • None.


  • What Happens Next? – Focuses on advancing and expanding a narrative.
  • And Now? – Focuses on advancing and expanding a narrative.


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