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Please start an open scene.


Meanwhile is an exercise, a handle and a long form. This is the handle version of the structure.

At anytime during the scene the host can call out “Meanwhile!” With this cue the performers freeze their scene and the audience is tasked new setting and exploration. It is presented in the form of, “meanwhile at the city limit Jim is chasing a cow.” The host will need to make the first offer to the performers in order to train the audience. The performers would immediately jump to the new setting (outskirts of town) and a new exploration (chasing a cow). Jim may or may not be a new character, but there is certainly a new tie between Jim and this cow. Once the new scene with the Jim and the cow has been explored another meanwhile could be called out. This could send the performers back to the previous setting (the one before the cow), or another entirely different one.

The speed at which the performers adapt the audience’s meanwhile offer will be appreciated, as will the performers ability to jump back to a previous setting. It is the responsibility of the host to protect the performers from inappropriate offers.


  • None.


  • What Happens Next? – Focuses on advancing and expanding a narrative.
  • And Now? – Focuses on advancing and expanding a narrative.


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