Line Gag-World’s Worst

By | May 5, 2019




The performers will make a series of puns, gags and actions to define the worst possible performance of the career you suggest.


Line Gag is a structure that is both an exercise and a handle. This is the handle version of the structure called World’s Worst. For a detailed explanation of line gags see the exercise Line Gags

For World’s Worst the host should pick an occupation for the performers to riff off of. The term occupation can be used loosely as other identifiable roles in society can be used. Once this is established the performers will step out and vomit gag juice all over the audience with a series of snappy gags.

Let’s consider the offer jet pilot. Performers would step forward and act out or describe what they consider the world’s worst jet pilot would do. “I will land on that highway there, it’s closer to my house.” “Due to my fear of heights our maximum cruising altitude will be 200 feet.” Obviously the world’s worst jet pilot would crash and kill everyone on board. The performers are encouraged to become the world’s worst professional without always killing the clients.


  • Killing clients intentionally.


  • Competitive – any line gag where host conducts and the audience eliminates performers when they don’t like the question.
  • World’s Best – often sarcastic gags about being the best what ever.


  • None.