Line Gag-Lovers

By | May 2, 2019


Sex With Me Is Like … I Like My Lovers Like …


The performers will make a series of puns and gags about what sex with them is like.


Line Gag is a structure that is both an exercise and a handle. This is the handle version of the structure called Sex With Me Is Like. For a detailed explanation of line gags see the exercise Line Gags

For Sex With Me Is Like the host should pick a noun that the performers can riff off of. Once this is established the performers will step out and vomit gag juice all over the audience with a series of set up puns.

If the host uses the offer barbeque for the handle Sex With Me Is Like the performers step forward from the line and make puns based on the word barbeque. Sex with me is a like a barbeque, not safe indoors. Sex with me is like a barbeque it takes some time to get warmed up. The puns can exhibit self deprecation, bravado but always something punny.


  • None.


  • Competitive – any line gag where host conducts and the audiene eliminates performers.
  • I Like My Lovers Like…- I like my lovers like a barbeque read hot and ready.


  • None.