Let Me Help You!

By | February 10, 2019


What Are You Doing?


This warm up helps with listening and getting in to the moment. Everyone into a circle.


Let Me Help You! is an replacement variation of the deprecated warm up What Are You Doing?

Once the circle is formed one player goes into the circle and starts to mime a simple activity. Once the activity has been established one of the players from the circle jumps in and exclaims “Let me help you!” The player doing the mime responds with “Thank you, I am ______ing.” The goal for the player is to come up with a radically different task from what they were miming. For example, if the player appeared to be mowing a lawn they might say ‘filleting a soul.’ The player that joined in immediately starts miming the described activity (i.e., filleting a soul). This continues until all have tried the exercise.

The warm up here is mostly for the player that wants to help. They must quickly shed their preconceived idea of what the player was doing and then adapt to mime something completely different. This is a good way to warm up accepting on the fly.




  • Copying – the player starts to mime along with the player. When they are endowed with the new mime activity they must transition gracefully to the new mime activity.


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