Help Desk

By | August 2, 2010


Front Desk.


One player front and center with the other players waiting in line to see them.


The front and center player can stand or take a seat, but they are in the role of the help desk employee for a major retail store. Many stores come to mind, however this should be one created on the spot. Players will create a character that includes move, sound and want. The help desk player will also have created a strong character. Each character will approach the help desk and make a strong request. The help desk player will offer help, leave the help desk and head to the back of the line. The players each get a turn as the help desk player.

The goal of Help Desk is to create characters on the fly that complement the character at the help desk. There is a brief narrative exploration and the micro scene is over.

The character should be maintained once the player moves to the role of the help desk character. So each character should have two interactions playing the same character.

The relationship of the characters seems to be preset, but there is nothing to prevent deeper relationships to be created. Each character should follow the trinity of movement, sound and want. This exercise focuses on character because the players is expected to reveal their want at the help desk.

The leader should not miss the opportunity to work setting. The help desk itself should have clear boundaries. Encourage players to make the help desk mime object real by leaning on it, respecting it’s dimensions, etc.


  • None.


  • Front Desk – Hotel desk with guests making requests in person.
  • Monarch
  • Park Bench – Same exercise takes place on a park bench.


Customer Service Representatives the world over.