Flock Dance

By | August 2, 2010


Aerobics, Conga Line


This is a physical warm-up and ice breaker. One player is in front, with two players behind her and three players behind them and so on. You are forming a pyramid.


This warm up is best done with music. The first player starts a repetitive movement or dance. The two players immediately behind the lead player mimic her movements as best as possible. Each row of players follows the row of players ahead of them. Flock Dance works best if the players only try and mimic the players in the line ahead of them. There should be both a delay and a decay in the lead player’s movements.

Flock Dance is a physical warm up that also helps players by getting them to move in uncharacteristic ways. Often players will focus only on the lead player even if they are in the last line. It is important to encourage the players to only follow those directly in front of them. Players can use this as a practise for getting things wrong. Trying to do a perfect Flock Dance defeats the purpose of Flock Dance. Embrace failure, embrace chaos, and let go of being “right.”

  • Lead player turns to face the flock, forcing them to turn around and free style
  • Lead player moves so fast that not even the front line can keep up


  • Aerobics – there is no layering of the players and everyone copies lead
  • Conga Line – there is a line instead of a flock and the lead player moves about the room


Thanks to Richard. The safe and supportive man of aerobics