By | March 21, 2019




Please get into pairs.


This is a listening exercise that involves having one’s eyes closed and physical contact any player that does not want to participate should be allowed to sit out the exercise without explanation.

The players line up the digits of their fingers and touch their fingertips together. One of the players will close their eyes and be guided by the player with their eyes open. The challenge is to carefully move around the room communicating with only the fingertips. No words should be spoken. The players need to explore how to change direction, move backwards and move forwards. Each pair will have their own challenges on communicating this.

The leader can add complications by having some players immobile in the room and having the pairs move around them.

Fingertips is a listening and trust exercise. Players can explore communicating without words and players can work on listening with their eyes closed.


  • Toes?
  • 2 to 1 ratio – have one player guide or be guided by two other players.


  • Mirrors – visual equivalent.


It is on the tip of my finger.