Back Dancing

By | March 21, 2019


Contact Dance. Spine With Me.


Please get into pairs with a player about your same height.


This exercise involves close physical contact. Any player that does not wish to participate must be able to do so without explanation.

This exercise uses a single element of contact dance and breaks it down into an improv exercise. Two players press their backs against each other move around the room. The leader could add styles of music have the pairs dance to. The players do not interlock arms. The players do not communicate with words. They can only work together through their backs.

The goal is getting players better in tune with the nature of how their body moves. Moving in unison with another back is an excellent way to do that. The leader should watch for players that are dominating the movements. Ideally the players will share which back is leading the movement.

The leader can add complications like having one player close their eyes. If spotters are available both players can close their eyes.


  • None.


  • Fingertips – Players are in contact only with their fingertips.
  • Janus Dance – Players are in contact with the crooks of their necks.
  • Mirrors – Shared movement exercise.


Picked this up off the Improv Encyclopedia.