Farmer’s Daughter

By | May 4, 2019

Deprecated. Making fun of lawyers and plumbers is fair game. Sexist comments about young women it not. Deprecated as a reminder to try and avoid sexism.


You know it’s a farmers son because …


The performers will make a series of puns and gags about the offspring of professionals.


Line Gag is a structure that is both an exercise and a handle. This is the handle version of the structure called You Know It’s a Farmer’s offspring because. For a detailed explanation of line gags see the exercise Line Gags

The host will pick a mundane profession that the peformers can generate a seemingly endless stream of one liners. The offer need not be limited to a profession, but a noun could also be used. The host must read the audience to see which works best.

If the host uses the offer plumber for this handle the performers step forward from the line and make puns based on the offer plumber. For example, you know it is a plumber’s offspring because he’s so well potty trained. You know it’s a plumber’s offspring because she throws a wrench into everything.

Historically this line gag has been called You Know It’s a Farmer’s Daughter and is followed by a string of sexist stereotypical comments about young women. Anyone can be farmer, lawyer or plumber. Professions are fair game. Sexist comments punch down and do not make the world a better place. In the light of comedy sexist jokes are ‘easy’ and have been done before. Aim higher.


  • None.


  • Competitive – any line gag where host conducts and the audiene eliminates performers.


  • None.