Crime Scene Improvisation

By | August 2, 2010


CSI. Sherlock.


Our investigators have come across a crime scene and proceed to explain every last detail.


The two performers are removed from the theatre and the host sets up a crime scene with other performers and audience members. The host gets an offer of a crime that has happened (most often a murder). The two detectives return and justify all the human prop positions creating a narrative of how the crime transpired.

The host should make sure that the human props are in positions that they can maintain for a significant amount of time. The host should protect audience members from assuming a crazy physical pose.

The detectives are building a narrative by making offers back and forth about the crime scene they are examining. Their patter is definitely part of the structure. The detectives should have characters and a relationship. The crime narrative should include all the elements of any narrative. Learn Improv uses STEPS as a narrative tool. The detectives should employ small expansions to build their narrative and avoid an explosion of ideas.


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