Counting Game

By | August 2, 2010


Numbers. n-Word Sentence.


In this scene each performer will can only speak a certain number of words per sentence.


Once the host has assigned a number of words per sentence to each performer the scene can start. If a performer is assigned 3 words she must have 3 words in every sentence. “No I won’t”, “No, no, no” or “I love you.” This is the same if the performer is assigned 10 words. Partial words are possible when a performer is assigned Pi or a fraction. It is up to the host to assign the n (variable) words per sentence.

Counting on fingers is completely fine. It helps the audience keep track of the number of words per sentence. It also can create tension if the performer is running out of words.



  • Rollercoaster – all performers have the same number of words per sentence, but the host changes the value at random.