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Environment Scene

By | April 22, 2019

Environment build is an exercise where the players create an environment using themselves as mime objects, environment props and bystanders to flesh out an environment. For example, if the leader calls out for the players to environment build an airport players will leap on stage and turn themselves in to baggage, security scanners, tables, planes, plants, or other things that one would find in an airport.

Build A Story

By | April 21, 2019

The First Player, usually the one to the right, will speak a sentence that is considered the beginning of a story. The Second Player then speaks a sentence that ends a story. Another player will step in between the first two players and speaks a new sentence. This sentence should add something in between the beginning and the end of the story.

Character Circle

By | April 21, 2019

The first player will turn to the next player in the circle and strike a physical pose and make a sound based on that character. Typically, the player will avoid saying legible words. They may sigh, or cough or mumble something. The first player is creating an instantaneous character using the holy trinity of the character (Move, Sound, Want). The second player responds with a character in kind and simply states their relationship.