Environment Scene

By | April 22, 2019


Living Scene.


Please form a clump and be prepared to enter the exercise one at a time.


Environment build is an exercise where the players create an environment using themselves as mime objects, environment props and bystanders to flesh out an environment. For example, if the leader calls out for the players to environment build an airport players will leap on stage and turn themselves in to baggage, security scanners, tables, planes, plants, or other things that one would find in an airport. While players are welcome to create a character in the airport environment the leader should encourage players to also turn themselves into environment props once in a while. Environment build is fun and helps players get in touch with the kinds of things that can fill out the environment in a scene. Scenes are always more interesting to watch when the characters are interacting with a setting that seems real. Getting players to move their bodies into unexpected shapes like a chair, or a wash basin is good embracing physicality and silliness.


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