Body Guard

By | February 15, 2019




Please start milling about the room.


Each player secretly picks a bully and a bodyguard from amongst the other players. The bully and the bodyguard must be two different players.  The leader checks to make sure that every player has selected a bully and a bodyguard. The players will try to avoid the bully by moving so that the bodyguard is between the bully and themselves. Do not run. Encourage the players to continue milling and try not to let on who is their bully or their bodyguard. This warm up can continue until it is clear who are the bullies and the bodyguards.

This warm up is the standard version of a huge subset of triangulation structures. Most are covered under Variations below. The goal of these warm ups is to get players moving about the room. The simple complication of trying to position oneself in relation to two other players is unique. This is a good warm up for listening to the room. Body Guard widens the gaze of the player to include the whole room and not just the face to face listening. It is also a fun ice breaker.


  • Bully, bodyguard and police. The player wants to stand beside the police and have the bodyguard between themselves and the bully.  
  • Slow motion or sped up.


  • Valentine’s Game – Players choose one player that is a crush, and one that is an ex. Moving towards the crush but away from the ex.
  • Stinky – Players choose one player that is smelly, and one that is a deodorant. Keeping the deodorant between themselves and smelly.
  • Life Game – Players can be an egg (slow moving) or a sperm (fast moving). The player can choose to use the barrier as something to avoid or use as a block.


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