Alphabet Circle

By | January 31, 2019


Shared counting, Countdown, Synergy, No Doubles.


This exercise is designed to get us all in synch. Get into a tight circle.


This warm up is exactly the same as Digits, however the circle moves through the alphabet instead of counting.

Everyone in the circle looks down at the ground and closes their eyes. We will try to count to Z as a group. One player starts at the beginning “A.” Then a different player counts off “B.” With heads lowered and eyes closed no one should know who will speak the next number. If two players speak at the same time then the group must start again at “A.” The group can keep trying until they one player calls out “Z.” At this point there is much rejoicing.



  • Digits – count to 20 instead of the alphabet.
  • Word at a time – If two words come out a the same time story restarts.