Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

By | February 8, 2019

Deprecated. A story from Arabia interpreted by a French colonialist and profiteered by Disney.




This warm up is fun and will help us get silly and working together. Please form a circle.


Rhythm Circle has two distinct parts. A chant and a series of repetitive motions.

The chant is a non-sense sentence totally about 8 syllables. Some examples are: All my ships are out at sea. Alley cat cat has a mouse with leaves. Once the group has gotten the rhythm of the chant a player will add a repetitive motion.

The repetitive motion may or may not be in sync with the chant. For example the player could tap their forehead 8 times in sync with the chant. This repetitive motion is then repeated by the player to their right. The source player then adds a brand new repetitive motion, slapping their thigh for instance. This action is passed to the right as well. Historically the source player will only contribute 3 repetitive actions.

At this point the circle should be repeating an uninterrupted non-sense chant, and three separate repetitive actions should be following each other around the circle. While it seems simple enough to listen intently to the player on one’s left rhythm circles often collapse into hilarity.

As with most warm ups Rhythm Circle is about getting a handle on comfortable failure, group synchronization and listening.


Increase the speed.


  • Ali Bah Bah and the forth sheep


Contributions appreciated.