Actor’s Nightmare

By | August 2, 2010


Half Scripted. First Rehearsal. Scared Scriptless.


In this scene one performer can only read lines from a script. All other performers must adapt to what is read.


One performer reads her lines from a script. She may only read the lines written in the script. This usually means that her words will be discordant from the scene taking place. No matter what her scene partners say or do, she must stick to the script. Usually reading from one character in the script is best, but to avoid searching through the script lines from other characters can be read instead. The script reading performer still creates a character, engages the environment, but speaks only what the script offers.

The other performers must work to integrate the script reader into the scene. All narrative goals still apply. Try to avoid rationalizing the script reader as being delirious or confused. The performers having the nightmare are the one’s without the script.


  • Reading soliloquays
  • Ask the script reader to repeat something (they can only read the next line).
  • Employ stage directions
  • Every player has a different script


  • All players have scripts but one player.
  • Audience Participation – have an audience member read while the performer support and make her look good.