Remote Controller

By | August 2, 2010


VCR. Forward Reverse. Video Editor


This scene will be under the control of a remote device that can change the direction and speed of the scene.


Remote Controller is a handle that is used to mess with an open scene. The person in command of the video controller can make the scene run backwards, speed up, slow down, etc. Historically this scene was called Video Cassette Recorder because the VCR had this novel ability to run the tape backwards to re watch scenes of great merit over and over. The performers should take their time creating a simple narrative arc with very few characters. Complicated scenes quickly become bogged down in Forward Reverse. Usually the host will control the flow of the scene, but some houses will let an audience member do it.

If the performers are told to reverse the scene that is exactly what they do. They must remember what had gone before. They will speak in backwards gibberish, walk backwards (safely) close doors they opened, wrap presents they unwrapped. This continues until they get to the beginning of the scene. Usually backwards won’t last so long as to get to the beginning of the scene. At some point the scene will be in normal or forwards. The performers must then replay what they did before as closely as possible. Fast forward is the most challenging as the performers will rush through a scene at high speed gibberish. Only broad stage movements would be known to the performers. They would have to fill in the fast forward if they are rewound and then played normal. Lots of fun.


  • Zany video features – subtitles, freeze frame, picture in picture, jump to scene, change audio track, etc


  • None.


  • Information appreciated.