Using the Last Sentence

By | April 22, 2019


Last Sentence Scene.


The scene will start using the last sentence from the last scene. No other offer will be used.


Using the Last Sentence is a handle that uses the last sentence of the last scene as the offer to start the scene. This handle is essentially an open scene. The host may need to probe the audience to make sure that everyone agrees with what the last sentence was in the previous scene. There is no obligation to continue the same scene or use any of the same characters. The performers can build a lot narrative without speaking. Characters can be developed without words. The setting can be explored and expanded in detail. The only requirement is that the first sentence of the scene use the last sentence from the last scene. If Last Sentence Scene were to somehow become the first handle in a show then just use the last sentence that the host spoke.


  • None.


  • Using the Last Word – the first word spoken in the scene must be the last word spoken in the last scene. No other offer is collected.
  • Scene Using the Last Scene – no offer is collected and the scene uses any aspect of the last scene.


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