Touch It

By | August 2, 2010




Two or three volunteers for a scene..


Touch It an exercise for developing mime object skills and is usually added to an open scene. Touch It can also become a suggestion during any scene or handle where players would benefit from having a mime object.

In the exercise Touch It the leader will call out for all players or a specific player to engage in their environment. Encourage the players to engage their environment as part of the scene. For example,

At any time that the players are not using their environment, or they are doing the talking heads thing someone calls out ‘touch it’. When the players hear that they must interact with their environment is some fashion. This could be picking up a coffee cup, moving a chair, or lighting a cigarette. The call to ‘touch it’ can be directed at players that are blabbing too much. The players must interact with the environment that already exists, and not create too many new things out of thin air.


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